Generally Russian women believe Western men have good family values and more family-orientated than their Russian counterparts. As many Russian women long to get married and have a family, they are drawn to international dating sites hoping to find a suitable man to start a family with. Although there are many marriage minded men in Russia, with the above reasons you will understand why it is not so easy for Russian women to find this man.  The biggest reason why Russian brides search for a foreign man is the severe shortage of Russian men, to many its hard to understand, is three shortage of Russian men in Russia?.

Russian women outnumber men 3:1 so there simply is not enough Russian men to go around. For many reasons which will not be looked into know Russia has a shrinking population of men, to put it in simple terms there is not enough men in Russia for all of the women, this leads to a lot of competition to find a suitable Russian man to marry.  To further make things even harder for women all young Russian men have to serve in the army for one year, so many have no time for commitment.

Another major factor is Russian men are predominantly heavy drinkers, this is something that is ingrained into Russian mens mentality. Another reason is many Russian men are not financially stable enough to have a long term relationship, the men who are financially stable have such a wide choice of beautiful Russian women, it is very common for them to have several women on the go at the same time. So as you can see it is no wonder that Russian women search for a foreign partner.

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