Obtaining my aggression out. Kickboxing, cycling, yoga is certainly all great… plus i quickly can eat even more of the above.

My new camera. It could be more important to me than cookies. It’s certainly even more important when compared to a boyfriend.

Grandma’s buttermilk waffles. Crispy with a pleasant fluffy structure. Don’t get worried I snatched up the recipe to talk about.

Peanut butter and banana (and chocolate chips sometimes) sandwiches. Forget the jelly; I’m all about diversity.

Maxi dresses and big sunglasses. I reside in this.

Smoothies made out of coconut dairy. It’s like I’m drinking a tropical holiday!

We all know I’m big into margaritas and everything spanish inspired. I eat spanish food a lot more than anyone I understand. And undoubtedly I love a good cocktail type beverage during the warm summertime.

Piña Coladas will be the formal beverage of Puerto Rico (where my children is from), and We thought that I would share with you a lightened up version you could slurp down whenever! Typically made with coconut creme, pineapple juice, and rum-these tropical beverages can be super saturated in calories. To make them lighter, I taken out the coconut creme and changed it with coconut dairy, added frozen bananas, and said adios to the rum.

Buttttt where did the rum gooooo?

I’m all about the goodness of coconut milk; it’s creamy, rich, and filled with nutrients. I am placing it in cupcakes. I put it over my oatmeal. I’d have a straight shot of it.

Look I don’t know where my minds at, but I do know that blending up this healthy smoothie made me feel just like I was in Mexico on spring break. Until I realized I in fact wasn’t… annnnd the fact that this drink didn’t already have any alcoholic in it- which designed I still needed to go to yoga because I was completely capable.

I say after hitting the gym we put the rum and mention hello to Summer!

Just a simple favorite.

Vegan Piña Colada Smoothies

1 cup coconut milk (I love Silk coconut milk, unsweetened)

1 huge frozen banana (chunks)

1/2 cup ice cubes


Place pineapple chunks, banana, coconut dairy, and ice in blender. Puree until soft and creamy. Pour into two glasses. Top with pineapple for garnish, whip cream (vegan if preferred), or drizzle with honey.

For frozen banana chunks, simply cut up banana, put in place small ziploc handbag and place in freezer

About how many calories would one smoothie be. I am in bed for 11 times with the flu. THEREFORE I gained 2 pounds!

Now I’ve bronchitis, but improving. I power walked around the shopping mall!

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